When searching for the right VPN service to use, there are a number of different factors that a potential customer should consider before diving in headfirst. For as many providers as there are in the space today, there are an equal number of reasons why some services might be right for you, while others couldn't be more wrong. 

For starters, you should always look to see that the VPN you plan to subscribe to offers servers that are close to your home location. The only way to get the best of anonymity services and speed at the same time is to connect to a server that's within 200 miles or less of your computer's original location; anything more than that, and your speeds will inevitably start to suffer. 

Here's a few other considerations you should have in mind before picking the right service for you: 

  1. Privacy - Of course, pretty much the number one reason that most potential VPN buyers are looking for a new service is in order to protect their privacy or the privacy of anyone who plans to connect to the web over their home network. VPN.com always puts the privacy concerns of our users at the forefront of our product philosophy, which is why we guarantee that no matter which server you connect to on our growing network of 50+ locations, your true identity and IP address will always be kept tightly under wraps.  
  2. Security - This is another big concern for many internet-wary buyers who want to be sure that their data will always be encrypted no matter who they're talking to on the web. VPN.com gives our users the option of either 128-bit or 256-bit AES encryption on every tunnel we link up, ensuring that no hackers or data-sniffers will be able to break into your communications or steal your information while it's in transit. 
  3. Performance - While some VPNs can slow your network speeds down to a crawl, our servers feature some of the fastest speeds in the business!
  4. Reliability - Finally, there's the overall uptime and reliability of the servers that a VPN uses. A VPN provider is only as good as the servers it maintains, and with nearly 100% uptime across all our networks, we work hard every day to make sure that our servers are ready to protect your privacy at a moment's notice, anytime of the day.  

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