As one of the top security advocates currently working for your personal privacy today, is dedicated to making sure you understand exactly how we as a company do (or don't) use any data that's collected while you're hooked up to our service. 

First, the hard answer: there is no such thing as a truly "no-log" VPN. Unfortunately due to the constraints of our current networking system, there will always be a minimal amount of data that needs to be transmitted between you the customer and us as the company. Read more on this policy below: 

  1., LLC does not log any traffic data. Therefore, should we receive a request from any party, we cannot verify any such data was transmitted via our network because we do not log it., LLC does however log a minimal amount of data to ensure a seamless and reliable experience for all of our users. This data includes the amount of bytes transmitted over our network, the amount of time a user is connected and the amount of connections a user makes. We collect this data to identify network and infrastructure bottlenecks only and again we cannot infer or pry into the data a user transmits because we do not store their traffic data. Every VPN uses logs. They have to log the users credentials to a database to verify that they are a real user, they have to log their payment data to validate whether or not they are a current user, and so forth. We do not promise we are a no log VPN because that is simply not possible. We do however take measures with the logs above to insure our network is protected and always delivering a reliable experience to our users. We want to make sure our users feel safer and can trust our network but we will not make false promises like many other VPN providers.

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