A TAP adapter, or "test access point", is a digital network adapter which can help to control how your computer connects to the internet. TAP adapters are a necessary part of any VPN program, as it's used to help tunnel your data through a protected encrypted channel rather than your computer's standard network. 

(To learn more about VPN protocols and traffic tunneling, make sure to check out our knowledgebase articles which cover both subject in more specific detail.) [EDIT: Links needed once articles are live]

Every build of our VPN.com client is automatically bundled with a TAP adapter, which will install itself on your PC or Mac during the initial setup process. If you've used any kind of VPN service before ours or already have a TAP adapter installed, we recommend removing it before installing the VPN.com client. [EDIT: Potential link for how-to on uninstalling previous adapters here?]

If you're still having problems with the TAP adapter after installing the VPN.com client, head on over to the OpenVPN downloads page. Once there, scroll to the bottom where you'll find the option to download an independent installer in the TAP-Windows section of the page. 

Additional information on TAP adapters can also be found at the link here: https://community.openvpn.net/openvpn/wiki/WindowsManagingTAPDrivers

And of course, if you're having any other technical issues with the VPN.com client you can always click on our chat button below and get a response to your individual issue from one of our qualified technical representatives!

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